Canggu Travel Guide

We had the chance to shoot our Déesse campaign in Canggu, a cute and laid back beach town in Bali. Canggu is where I fell in love with Bali 9 years ago and it is where I got my inspiration to start Twenty Compass. It changed a lot with time but I still love the energy and the lifestyle here. This place will always have a special place in my heart.


Here are my 2024 favorites that you must add to your list if you visit:

Areas/Where to Stay — Pererenan, Padang Linjong, Seseh.

Cafes/Breakfast/Lunch — Honey, Copenhagen, Motion Fitness, Nude, Neighborhood, Two Face, Home Cafe, Poke Theory, Penny Lane, Baked, Boheme (my favorite place to work and chill).

 Dinner — Shelter, Woods, Muda, Mason, Sa Mesa, Ulekan, Bar Vera, Yuki.

Sunset Spots/Beach Clubs — Times Beach Warung, The Lawn, Potato Head (in Seminyak but it’s very nice).

Pilates/Gyms/Studios — The Pilates Project, Revive+Pilates, Maja, The Practice, Samadi, Obsidian, The Wrong Gym.

Shop — Les Basics, Awild, Tann Lines, Nate, Elce Swim, Mocha, La Brisa Sunday Market, and so many cute local stores (I don't know the names but just walk around and explore).

Spas — Spring, Amo, Nailed (best manucure).



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