The Holiday Edit - 18'

We're very proud to launch our brand new collection : The Holiday Edit.

Everyday Classics, Minimal Chic, Quality over Quantity... these are the words that come to our minds when we think of this collection. That's why it was all natural that we turn to Jessica Metni to produce our Lookbook.

We love to work with Jess since day one! Of course, our styles evolved a lot in the past few years but something that never changed is that we are obsessed with her style and her work (hello creativity goals and impeccable attention to every details!) 

For this festive edition, we chose quality yet affordable materials to offer you accessible everyday pieces that you'll love forever! Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold Plated Stainless Steel... and Vermeil! A new addition to our collection!

Not to be confused with simple Gold Plated Sterling Silver jewelry, Vermeil is a way more thick and durable plating. Our Vermeil pieces are made of Sterling Silver covered by a thick 18 karats Gold layer. We use 2 microns of Gold, while it takes 1.5 microns of Gold to get a piece considered as vermeil. With good care, your Vermeil jewelry will stay beautiful and shiny during many years!

Learn more about our materials and care HERE

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