Meet the Muse : Char San Pedro

Meet Char San Pedro : This Toronto-based model describes herself as an Earth Bohemian / Wellness, Earth & Hummus Enthusiast / Lifelong Learner / Activist / Philanthropist / Restless Writer / Silly Human Being. Enter the world of this efortlessly beautiful babe (inside out!) who’s the face of our Spring 17’ campaign.

Your beauty is really unique! Tell us about your origins.
Ack, thank you so much! I’m a Polynesian blend - Hawaiian and Maldivian. Born in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada though!

When did you start modelling? How did it happened?
I started professionally modelling at around 22 years old. It happened from just doing a few creative shoots and just enjoying the production and creative energy of being on set and in front of the camera. I applied to a few modleling agencies, networked and connected with people in the entertainment industry while building and strengthening my book and brand for reputable clients. I never had an *a-ha* moment where I consciously decided that I wanted to model in my professional career. It was just a by product of gradually doing it and constantly pushing. I just knew I always wanted to be in the entertainment industry and lead a fulfilling, creative life – in all forms, at whatever capacity.

You travel a lot around the world for modelling. What has been your favourite destination(s)? And which one is on your bucketlist?
So, so many! The world is so vast and beautiful that I’d like to explore every place at least once. But what’s on my bucket list right now is Fiji, Australia, Berlin, and Brazil. And so far, my favourite destination has been New York City and Cape Town, SA. Some of my favourite memories have been grown there. However, Toronto will always have a special place in my heart – it’s home.

What brand would you absolutely love to work with?
There are so many brands that I want to work with – across all creative platforms! A few at the top of my head : Free People, Mara Hoffman, Anthropologie, Maaji, For Love and Lemons and even a couple of non for profits and musical acts.

On your blog, you share a lot about your passion for health and wellness. What is your golden health tip?
Health is wealth. The human psyche and organism aren’t separate. There is such a huge correlation between your mind and body, so essentially, you really are what you eat. I choose and stubbornly stick to a plant based, vegan lifestyle and I stay away from crappy things like gluten, wheat, sugar, toxic ingredients I can’t pronounce or don’t know, and overly processed foods. I treat my body with utmost respect and it fortifies and pillars a lot of what I stand for : ahimsa (to not inflict pain on self or others), reducing my carbon footprint, equal economic distribution, animal rights. It all starts with one robust good habit combined with a relentless amount of belief, and the it starts to become second nature to you. Your human body is a temple. It is a part of this world. So treat it like one and take a divine responsibility for it. Your soul and the plane will thank you for it.
You can find out how to incorporate more healthy (and fun!) habits on my blog.

It’s amazing that you also started your own foundation. What is your mission with Good to be Good?
Good To Be Good is a community-wide effort to raise social injustice awareness and in-kind donations for various shelters, charities and non for profit organizations. Every few months, I’ll arrange and hold a gathering event where like-minded peers can attend to donate items for the needs of the spotlight charity and cause. All proceeds go directly to them. It stems from the ideals that no life is separate from another. That we are all interconnected and here to take care of another. My grandma as always taught me that a heart that gives, gathers. And we can live up to our responsibility as human beings by cultivating sincere generosity and kindness. Starting with one act of kindness at a time. No matter how big or small the act is, everything we do as an individual affects the whole. So by doing « unto others », we not only help those in need, we help ourselves. And we work toward a world we want to live in.
Learn more here.

What is your favourite quote?
I’m innately a writer, so that’s like asking me what my favourite book is! Haha!
Some favourites :
We will all laugh at gilded butterflies. – Shakespearse
Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act. – Albert Einstein
Here is my secret. A very simple secret. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye. – Le Petit Prince
We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope. – MLK Jr
Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it. – Dan Dennett

Photo credit : Andre Widjaja
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