Le Chaînon Association X Twenty Compass

As we aspire to grow into making a difference, we decided to support a cause that is truly important to us, helping women in difficult situations.

Twenty Compass will donate $ 1 per order to Le Chaînon Foundation, throughout the month of February.

As you keep supporting our small business, we'll continue to give back to the community.

Twenty Compass donated 1 500$ to Le Chaînon Foundation on March 3, 2021.

About Le Chaînon

Le Chainon is the main shelter for women in difficult situations in Quebec.

Founded in 1932, Le Chainon's mission is to welcome, unconditionally and without judgment, women in difficult situations. We offer them safe housing as well as assistance and support tailored to their needs. At Le Chainon, they take specific actions, with the help of experienced counselors, that promotes their return to self-determination and personal and social strengths.

Women benefit from professional support in an environment that encourages the most egalitarian relationships possible.

Le Chainon also wants to make a collective and social stand in order to denounce the inequalities, the living conditions and the different forms of violence experienced by women. Our goal is to promote the defense of women's rights - with women.

Learn more about Le Chaînon.

Donate to Fondation Le Chaînon.

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