At Twenty Compass, we use quality materials to offer you durables yet affordable pieces.

We bring a new perspective to the jewelry industry by focusing on sustainability, using recycled materials and ethical production methods to create timeless and durable products that you will enjoy for seasons to come.

With good care, you'll be able to wear your favorite pieces everyday and keep them looking brand new for many years ♡

10 & 14 Karat Gold

Gold is a precious metal and isn't reactive. It doesn't oxidize or change colour, even when in contact with water or skin acidity. Our 10 and 14 karats solid gold pieces can be worn everyday and will last a lifetime.


To clean and add shine, you can gently use our Compass Luxe cloth (we include one with every solid gold order).

We don't recommend sleeping with your fine necklaces and bracelets to avoid them getting tangled.

Our thin and delicate ring designs will naturally take the shape of your finger. Luckily, it doesn’t show when worn.


We use premium 18k Gold plating that lasts significantly longer and never changes colour. As opposed to gold coloured alloys you might find in fast fashion stores, gold plated stainless steel jewelry will never turn green/blue or red as the only materials used are Stainless Steel and Gold.


Although contact with water will not affect the colour of your gold-plated stainless steel jewelry, it is recommended that you avoid contact with soap, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, and any household cleanser for long-lasting preservation.

We highy recommend to remove your gold plating rings before applying hand sanitizer.

You should keep your jewelry in your Twenty Compass organic coton pouch when you take them off.

 Twenty Compass

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is exceptionally durable and resistant to tarnishing, scratches, and dents, making it an excellent choice for creating long-lasting everyday pieces. Additionally, stainless steel is hypoallergenic, making it safe for those with sensitive skin.


Stainless Steel doesn't need any particular care. It won't tarnish even if it's in contact with water, salt, chlorine, cleaning products, perfume and lotions, and it will never lose its shine. Therefore, you'll never need to clean it. It's pretty awesome, isn't it?

925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, also known as 925 silver, is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5 copper. Our sterling silver pieces are covered with Rhodium, a very rare and expensive metal from the Platinum group. This kind of plating protects the silver from outside elements that might accelerate its oxydation. It also gives the jewelry that extra shiny finish we love!


Sterling Silver is waterproof because even if it tarnish a little with time, it will always come back to its orignal shine after being cleaned. Therefore, you can totally wear your sterling silver jewelry in the water. However, we recommend you take it off before swimming in a pool or going to the spa, as chlorine is an extremely harsh product that will accelerate their oxydation. In these cases, you'll probably need to clean your pieces afterwards.

For optimal conservation, we recommend that you wear your pieces often as the skin's oils help prevent tarnishing and to store them in an hermetic bag or your Twenty Compass pouch when you take them off.

Cleaning : Use your Twenty Compass cleaning cloth (we give one with every sterling silver order!) to add shine. If your jewelry needs a little more love, clean with your favorite silver cleaning product or make your own mixture using baking soda and water.


Our Vermeil pieces are made of Sterling Silver covered by a thick 18 karats Gold layer. We use 2 microns of Gold, while it takes 1.5 microns of Gold to get a piece considered as vermeil. With good care, your Vermeil jewelry will stay beautiful and shiny during many years!


It's important that you take off your vermeil pieces before showering, swimming, using cleaning products or applying perfume, lotion and hand sanitizer. If you expose your jewelry to sweat, water or chemical products, the vermeil will lose its shine.

We recommend that you keep your jewelry in your Twenty Compass organic coton pouch when you take them off.

925 Silver Plated Stainless Steel

The stainless steel provides excellent durability to the jewelry, while the 925 silver plating gives them their luminous and refined shine.

CARE: It's important that you remove your 925 plated stainless steel pieces before showering, swimming, using cleaning products or applying perfume, lotion and hand sanitizer, which could cause the plating to fade.

Please follow the care instructions carefully to enjoy your pieces for many seasons to come