Twenty Compass creates long-lasting everyday jewelry.

We are known for our unique and minimalist designs that can easily elevate any outfit. With a focus on high-quality materials and attention to detail, each piece is designed to be timeless in quality and style.

A word from our founder

Twenty Compass has always been a dream of mine. I love to express my personality through my style and my choice of jewelry. 

A piece of jewelry is such an intimate accessory, as it is mostly worn directly on the skin. On some level, it is part of who you are and I’ve always found that concept fascinating and beautiful. 

I’ve been passionate about jewelry since my childhood. At a young age, I would make a hobby of taking a trip to the beads store. I remember asking my grandmother to have a look at her old pieces and my head would fill with ideas. I would give her jewelry a second life and create unique pieces. I began crafted jewelry for myself in high school and eventually I would make them for my friends too. 

Today, I am beyond grateful to be able to share my passion through my creations with all of you. 

Welcome to the Twenty Compass family!

- Laurence

Our Commitment

By carefully selecting high quality, lasting material such as solid gold, stainless steel and sterling silver, we strive to achieve the highest quality standards.

Our necklaces and bracelets are proudly handcrafted in Montreal!

Before delivery, each piece of jewelry is carefully inspected and quality tested to exceed expectations!

Our Values


Creative expression is essential to innovation and exceeding our goals.

We work our creativity when we design the products, create our collections, come up with ideas for marketing strategies allowing us to stand out or when looking for the ideal
solution to a problem.

We encourage and reward creative idea sharing from all team members.

Attention to details

It's all in the details.

Jewelry is the finishing touch that takes an outfit to the next level and completes a look.

This value is at the heart of our work when we design the products, when it comes to customer experience and make them feel taken care of, and lastly when packaging each order is carefully inspected and quality tested to exceed expectations.


Twenty Compass was born from Laurence's passion for
fashion and jewelry.

We believe that people who are motivated and passionate about their work is inspiring and contagious.

Our passion for what we do and for the company's mission is what drives us to innovate, exceed expectations and reach that level of excellence.


Collaboration > Competition

Collaboration is a pillar of our corporate culture.

As a small business, teamwork and mutual support are part of our reality. Our team works in constant collaboration to achieve
our goals.


We strive for excellence every day in order to exceed expectations and we constantly seek to push our limits and become better in everything we do.

It is thanks to our passionate employees and their dedicated work that we reach this level of excellence and thus offer a high-quality product and a memorable
customer experience.


Transparency is essential to create trust with
our customers.

We are committed to provide honest informations regarding our products, prices, value and all other business activities.

Communicating openly with our team and our community is at the heart of our concerns.

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