We’ve come far and had a long way to go to forge women’s equality in the world.

Together, let’s celebrate the achievements, never forget to raise awareness, take positive action and be proud of the improvements.

For the occasion of International Women’s Day, we’d like to share with you some of our team's favourite feminist and women-centred books and podcasts of the moment. 

These books and podcasts are the perfect excuses to take a break in your busy day, to encourage other women and celebrate, at the same time, all the women in your life.  


The She Book 

The She Book regroups a compilation of a little bit more than a hundred poems, all written by Tanya Markul. These poems all have something in common, they are about women. The goal of these poems is to make the readers feel good about themselves, and be proud to be a woman. It’s the perfect book to read if you need a little boost of self-love. 

- Recommended by Judithe, Head of production

In the Company of Women 

If you love to learn about creative businesses and influential women, In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney is the right book for you. This book regroups the stories of more than a hundred girl bosses from all around the world, so it’s the perfect one if you want an inspiring read.   

- Recommended by Laurence, Owner and Designer

More Than Enough

More Than Enough is a book about the life of the magazine editor and journalist Elaine Welteroth. The fascinating thing about Elaine’s story is that she was the second youngest editor and second African American to work as an editor at the Teen Vogue magazine. This book is the perfect one for you if you need a dose of confidence.   

- Recommended by Ariane, Fashion Marketing Intern


 The women behind the Girlboss Radio Podcast all have a common mission, helping and inspiring young women by offering them ressources for their personal and professional lives. It’s the perfect podcast for you if you want to learn in an inclusive and open environment. 

- Recommended by Laurence, Owner and Designer

Unladylike is a podcast hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, both self-proclaimed feminists. Cristen and Caroline love to learn about inspirational and rule-breaking women and share, by the same time, their stories and more facts about the feminist movement.

- Recommended by Ariane, Fashion Marketing Intern

Workparty is for all the boss ladies who are curious to learn more about the business world and the inspiring women who made their place in this predominantly male industry. Jaclyn Johnson, the host of Workparty, is a self-made woman who also has a lot to share with her listeners.

- Recommended by Judithe, Head of Production

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