Meet the Muse : Pam Penno

Photo : Rafael Moura @rmbagus

For our Spring 18' Lookbook, we had the pleasure to shoot with Pam Penno in Bali! With her contagious energy, good vibes and effortless beauty (inside out!), she was the perfect fit to be the face of our newest campaign. 

Photo : Rafael Moura @rmbagus

Where are you from, and where are you based at the moment?

I’m from Brazil and based in Bali

When did you started modelling? How did it happened?

I started modeling around my 17 years old. It happened so naturally. My real passion is act! I started to study theatre when I was 12 years old and when you go through an agency you start to have photoshoot propose too! So, I think it’s all “together”. Being an actress helps a lot during the photoshoot as well!

Photo : Rafael Moura @rmbagus

What do you love about living in Bali?

I love Balinese people at first. So kind and helpful. They don’t need much to be happy! Always with a big smile on their faces. Love this simple lifestyle. You can wear whatever you want. You don’t need shoes or care about your hair. It’s always warm! The food is amazing! And it looks like paradise. Bali is a dream life. 

When you’re not working, what do you like to do on the island?

I like to go to the gym and beach... Walk with my bali dog (John). Ride motorbike, always exploring the island. Do some adventure, discovering new beautiful places! Relax receiving a Balinese massage. Or even stay at home, watching series/movies. And of course enjoy the food! 

Photo : Rafael Moura @rmbagus

What has been your favourite travel destination? And which one is on your bucketlist?

The place I live. Bali! Hahaha but I would love to go to India. Never been there. And I miss Italy! 

Which brand would you absolutely love to work with ?

I don’t need to think twice. Faithfull the brand! I’m a big fan. Love all the outfits and photos! Much love! 

Photo : Amberly Valentine @amberlyvalentine

What is your favourite type of shoot ?  

I love natural/relaxed shoot. Always doing something. Not too posed. 

.What is your beauty routine ?

I always try to go to the gym... Eat with balance. Clean my skin. All the basic stuffs. Nothing special I guess.


Photo : Arina Emelyanova for Twenty Compass

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