Fun in the sun : Our Miami Guide

Start your day with :
Breakfast at Pura Vida. They have many locations, making it easy to find one near your accommodation. Our go-to order is the Bali Acai Bowl.


Spend the day at :
South Beach. Enjoy the sun and grab a sandwich at La Sandwicherie to eat on the beach.


Have lunch at :
Joe and the Juice or Pura Vida for a quick and healthy lunch. If you're feeling fancy, visit WATR at The 1 Hotel for a chic rooftop moment.


Shop at :
When in Miami, visiting The Design District is a must. While you're there, make sure to visit the Montce Swim boutique, where you can find our jewelry!


Dine at :
Miami has so many options for drinks and dinner! Some of our favorites are: Mandolin, Mila, Sexy Fish, Call me Gaby, Komodo and Carbone.


Accessorize like a local :
Nothing says Miami more than statement pieces and vibrant colors. Shop Lau's Miami looks here.

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